Red, Orange, and Yellow Flowers

For this installment of Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille, we are writing about colors. I wrote first about the coloring that I like to do, but then I saw the flowers in my family’s garden and found them inspiring. Shared also with the Writers’ Pantry.

Garden 10_10 Autumn

lovely new dresses
this season’s latest fashion
demure blooms display —

how can I be sorrowful,
‘midst this exquisite brightness?


This is a tanka for Chèvrefeuille’s latest haiku challenge, and the theme is changing. When I wrote this, I was thinking of growth — changing from weak to strong.

support for growing
strengthening sapling tree’s trunk
never meant to stay:

you can stand straight on your own,
even when branches’ leaves sway

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Remembering Easter

Today’s MTB at DVerse is about haiku sequences. I know haiku are usually about nature, but my sequence is about St. Mary Magdalene, whose feast day was a few days ago, on July 22.

The sun was rising
When Mary Magdalene came
To visit the tomb.

The sun was rising
To start a mournful morning:
Was the Lord stolen?

Mary Magdalene
Stayed and waited when she came,
‘Til Jesus found her.

To visit the tomb
Then able to tell good news –
The Belovèd lives!