It’s almost Halloween!

My response (at the last minute) for Sadje’s WDYS #157. I just had to write something or other for this picture! This is just silly and festive. 🙂

Pumpkin-spice latte:*
Without it I’ll play some tricks
Til I get my treat
* I’m more of a cold-brew person

And here’s a shadorma:

Little munchkins come,
Munching on
Candy corn,
Dressed as witches, ghosts galore —
Jack-o-lanterns glow

Good Days

In honor of World Mental Health Day today and also because I felt like this yesterday. For yesterday’s MVB prompt: waterfall.


waterfall of tears
coming when you don't expect:
me on a good day

As a reward for reading that, here's a bonus haiku. 

gorgeous waterfall
slowed down to a trickle now --
massive heat-drenched drought

One of the world’s most relatable images


M-R-S degree:
Not life’s entire attainment
But I can’t help it —
Want someone to share my life,
Someone to accept my love

This tanka was inspired by the wordle below from MLMM. The word “marriage” specifically led to me writing this. The point of a wordle is to use most / all of the words, but I’m still linking up.

A couple of months ago, my bf and I of 15 months broke up, since his mother decided that she didn’t like me, for the sole reason that I have an entry-level job. It has been a really hard process, especially because my ex hardly even stood up and fought for me, even though he was crazy about me and all but proposed. Everyone I’ve spoken to says that A. his mother was way out of line, and B. I deserve better. Sometimes I believe that. In fact, I believed it more in the beginning, to be honest. I even got angry with my now-ex and told him to “grow some balls” — and I usually don’t use that kind of language, especially not to someone’s face!

Today it still hurts so much to be judged in such a way. It has been especially difficult because even if I “deserve better,” where can I find “better;” I don’t know?

Much To Do

There’s a lot that I want to do before I go to sleep tonight (here in California, it’s about 5:30). I was writing in my journal about how I am “happy, just busy in my head.” That is, I guess, one way to define being anxious — “busy in my head.”

busy in my head
so much stuff I want to do
before tomorrow —
including posting a poem
way better than this one here

Looks like that’s not going to happen! 🙂

An Achievement

My sijo for this week.

Little purple flower petals open from a tiny bud:
It is not much of an achievement to anything around,
But for the flower it opens a world — and also for the bee.

Inspired by the fact that I went to work and stayed today, despite really not feeling like it. Happy thing: a little boy waved at me, awww!

Ronovan Writes Sijo Challenge Image

Bonus poem: because of FOWC: Mosquito, here is a haiku I wrote last week.

Summertime danger:
Itching ankles, bumps from bites
Mosquito magnet

(I am one)

Intentions and Agitation

The topic for Brian’s prompt this week is STILLNESS, and I especially wanted to write for it because it’s the last one for the foreseeable future. After 2 years (!!), Brian will be focusing on other things. 

Unfortunately, it was difficult to write a “stillness” poem, especially because I thought the theme was “intention,” so I wrote for that instead (I wrote a sijo that went with last week’s sijo challenge)! 😅

My intention was to write for "stillness."
It still is. 

teardrop on paper
smudges words written in ink --
ripples in a pond

Fun fact: I was trying to nap away my pain but got out of bed to post this.