Land of Sweet Dreams

Linked to JusJoJan day 15, which is also one-liner Wednesday. However, this was inspired by Chevrefeuille’s prompt about sweet dreams and Poets and Storytellers United myth-placed. I hope it’s okay that I basically made up my own mythical place.

Candy tall as trees
A chocolate river flows
Sugar spun to clouds :
The substance of children’s dreams
A place with life always sweet


high angle view of multi colored marshmallows
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Winter Transformation

Here are two tanka poems on the theme of transformation, for Heeding Haiku

Ordinary pine
Evergreen bedecked with lights,
Festive sentiments
Ornament memorials —
A shelter for wrapped presents

macro shot photography of christmas stockings ornament on a christmas tree
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Thermostat heightened,
Scarves adorn shiverers’ necks,
Apple cider held
In hands ready to receive,
Leaning into winter’s day