Dreamland’s Landmarks

This is a sevenling (or my attempt at one) for Brian’s prompt about traveling. My take on traveling is a little more abstract. A lot of the settings where my dreams take place repeat, especially if the dream is a nightmare. I’ve been having fewer nightmares over the last several months, but unfortunately they stick in my mind better than happy dreams.

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October Celebrations

October is inaugurated
With the feast of Saint Thérèse,
A shower of roses, when
Many other plants are dying.

Saint Faustina is October fifth,
Reminding that Divine Mercy lifts
All penitents from lowly misery:
Nights are long, yet rays of light are shining.

On the seventh, perfect number,
We celebrate Jesus’ immaculate mother,
Known as Our Lady of Victory
Through her prayer weapon, the rosary.

On Halloween, the eve of all Saints,
A frightening picture our culture paints,
Yet even amidst those witches and ghosts
Courage flourishes with heavenly hosts.

Patron & Patroness of the Missions - Pontifical Mission Societies

For this week’s Weekly Scribblings (a couple of days late) about October. Ideally, I would want to write more quatrains because I skipped from October 7th all the way to October 31st, but I haven’t memorized this month’s liturgical calendar. I’m sure there are at least a few other awesome saints that I could include next time. 🙂

Out of Air (plus SoCS!)

A tight space
With walls so close
Threatening to crush
I cannot breathe
I’m running
Out of

I aspire to post again today because there are plenty of other prompts, and this one is rather dark, kind of like yesterday’s. While writing it this morning and again when typing it up just now, I physically felt the constriction and some difficulty with breathing freely. I also aspire to allow the emotions to come through in my writing, and to write on subjects that do not expire but can stay relevant, no matter when the poem is read. With any luck, I will be inspired to write several more poems today or at least to finish the 4 that I have started. 🙂

SoCS: aspire/inspire/expire

SoCS : My…

As the title shows, this haibun is for stream-of-consciousness Saturday. It is also in response to FOWC: Field.

My major in college was French, and I have considered working in the field of education. I have always loved languages, and my high-school French teacher imparted to me a deep love of that language and culture. I had been considering teaching it at the high-school level, but I’m not sure about being a teacher anymore, especially since Covid has left so much up in the air. Masking and “social distancing” is still a thing, and when will this ever end? It also sets a disturbing precedent because what about when the next contagion comes along? This wasn’t supposed to be about Covid, but that’s what you get with SoC writing. Look at how Covid infects EVERYTHING, still, these days!

the future
a foreign language
no one knows

Exhausting Indecision

This décima is for Ronovan Writes’s prompts this week (street in the C line) and last week (go in the B line) because I did not post one last time.

A thousand possibilities —
So many directions to go
And it’s tough to travel solo.
This does not free but makes her freeze.

Abundant insecurities:
At the intersection where meet
Two roads, how does she know which street
To follow, when there is no map?
The journey already has sapped
Her energy — rest aching feet.

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image