Forgiving the Past

This is for this week’s Forgiving Fridays. It is the end of 2017, and though I had an amazing year beyond anything I could have dreamed, there are still some  resolutions that I did not accomplish. I forgive myself for not doing these things and trust that I have accomplished everything  that is necessary as 2018 begins.

I did not completely achieve

Every resolution for 2017:

I still have difficulty being

Present, just breathing, just being;

I did not learn to speak

Spanish nor to legally drive.

But I have written and spoken

And am now more alive

Than I have ever been,

There are no regrets

We just begin again.

5 thoughts on “Forgiving the Past

  1. Oh this is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing this for Forgiving Fridays. I really appreciate your experience and how you’re forgiving yourself and renewing with the New Year. ❤ My spiritual mentor John-Roger talks about how intention is the direction we want to travel. Many blessings with your next steps. Be good to yourself.

    Go Self-forgiveness!! I'm honored to highlight your post in my Forgiving Fridays this week. 🙂 Big smiles! Debbie

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