Love and Freedom

For Forgiving Fridays  this week.

Obey the truth,

Be purified from all lies —

And find there is only love,

Underneath the falsity

That unforgiveness tells:

It says that some people

Are not worthy of your love,

And that you are not worthy of freedom.


The truth is its opposite —

Let everyone in to Love,

Let everyone in to Freedom.


2 thoughts on “Love and Freedom

  1. So beautiful! This is perfect timing, I was just starting to work on my blog post for tomorrow. 🙂

    There is such truth to your poem…. we are all love. And forgiveness of our judgments is the key to freedom.

    I see such caring in your work. Thank you for contributing this for #ForgivingFridays. I am truly honored.

    Sending you blessings,

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