Prosery: Sometimes…

This is for DVerse Prosery, and the line we are given is by Mary Oliver: Sometimes the great bones of my life feel so heavy.” Also linked to JusJoJan: Wish. I’m glad to have written something today because, for whatever reason, I had basically no ideas. Until now!

It had been eons since he had begun to push that boulder up the hill. Sisyphus was tired, yes, but he had come to expect this. Pushing the boulder…watching it fall…pushing the boulder…watching it fall…It had begun to roll its own rhythm; it had become almost a comfort, lulling him nearly to sleep.

One day, Hades asked him if he wished to be rid of the boulder. Sisyphus continued in his futility, saying, “Sometimes the great bones of my life feel so heavy, this stone adds no extra weight.”

14 thoughts on “Prosery: Sometimes…

  1. Loved this mythological twist, that the burden has become so familiar as to be something of a comfort rather than a curse! Great take on the prompt. :>)


  2. Interesting retelling in that Sisyphus turned his burden into merely a familiar tedium. I love the creativity here!


  3. Wonderful take on the myth! Too often we become trapped in the routines instead of stepping out of our comfort zones into something new. Great story telling!


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