Written Memorial

For DVerse’s haibun Monday.

Several people gave me graduation gifts, such as special cards or generous checks. Over the weekend, I wrote some thank-you notes, put in the mail this morning. They are a memorial to kindness, and a way to pay it forward.

I like writing notes and letters, and who doesn’t appreciate receiving one? Letter-writing is a lost art, and I’d like to find it again, a memorial to times gone by, a tribute for a better future.

Handwritten missives
Flowery script cultivates
Aroma of kindness

9 thoughts on “Written Memorial

  1. Wonderful haibun RW! Love the hand written communication. My penmanship has slipped in my older age, so mine are not beautiful – but the intention is genuine. Nice post… 🙂


      1. Happy to refer you to a good book on the art of letter-writing co-authored by women (both Marys) I met at writers conference!


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