7 thoughts on “Pupil

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. I love the imagery of the eyes, and the light/dark contrast in it with the diffusion of the distance. It makes me think of first waking up, dark circles around the eyes and then absorbing the light. Great piece here! I loved reading it.

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  2. This is a wonderful haiku that in so few words, has so many layers of meaning.
    Having been away from dVerse all last week because I had an eye infection – found writing and reading difficult….I now fully appreciate the often-taken-for-granted gift of sight.
    Aperture….the opening (the eye)
    lets in light (literally — or could relate to seeing and interpreting meaning
    space needed….dark circles (literally or could be ominous as to troubles)
    Pupils (again could be literal as in that part of the eye) or could be how if we would only open our eyes to really really see, we could learn…..our eyes could be the teachers and allow us to be the pupils learning from what we choose to see.
    This was an amazing haiku for me.

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