Clothes Shopping is the Worst

This butterfly cinquain is for Brian’s prompt about shopping. I’ve gotten more relaxed about the things in the poem, but it’s still where my mind went. I think things have gotten better because I used to not think I was worthy to take up any space, more metaphorically, so I made myself take up literally as little space as possible. Anyway, I hate shopping, especially for clothes! Also linking with DVerse OLN.

For clothes is a
Nightmare -- such work to stop
Comparing sizes, focus not
On flaws --
One draws 
False conclusions believing lies
About worth and body
Size, make some space
For truth. 

This doesn’t look so bad, though.
It reminds me of a thrift shore, and I like those.
Oooh! I just realized: I think that painting near the right is of my patron saint, St. Thérèse of Lisieux! 😀

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