Life is a Story

Kriti at the blog “Life is Beauty” asks us this question: “Life is a story. What does yours say?”

I can’t tell you what my life says so far… but what I want it to say, what I hope it will say, is that a person can triumph over his or her difficulties and suffering and, to quote the great Fulton Sheen, “Life is worth living.” In order to convey such a message with my life, I first need to believe it myself. I am not shy in admitting that my medication helps me to see that life is worth living and to find hope in every day. It seems like a miracle to me, after having been literally suicidal for so long, and now I want to get a better job and drive, and I believe that there is a possibility that I can actually flourish, not only survive but thrive.

Of course, this post would be incomplete without pointing to my Savior Jesus Christ, to whom I give credit for the lifesaving miracle of modern medicine and the deep love of my friends. However, I hope to inspire people of all faiths because no one is excluded from this hope. Depression kills, but it doesn’t have to.

writing down each day
reasons now to stay alive
a lengthening list

4 thoughts on “Life is a Story

  1. “Like a roller in the ocean,
    Life is motion,
    Move on…
    How I treasure every minute
    Being part of
    Being in it
    With the urge to move on…”

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