Other Places’ Seasons Are Much Colder

For Ronovan’s décima challenge this week, the word is EXHALE. I combined it with the words in the haiku challenge as well.

Plenty of leaves stay on the trees,
In California not so stark,
Though earlier it does get dark
And chills fly on the morning breeze.

Sometimes I still feel like I’ll freeze —
Visible breath when I exhale,
Yet coziness this fall entails:
Extra hot tea and pumpkin spice,
Snugglesome blankets will suffice.
In a true winter, I would fail.

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image

4 thoughts on “Other Places’ Seasons Are Much Colder

  1. This made me wonder what it will be like after the fires this year. The places that do get some fall color? A bit of a selfish human thing to think about, but I couldn’t help that it popped to mind. Nice imagery.


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