So Many, So Many, So Many

I started 4 poems this morning (and have a few unfinished from yesterday) without looking at any prompts. After looking at prompts, there are even more possibilities! 😅I love this, but it’s also overwhelming.

So many, so many, so many ideas
Become a traffic jam on the freeway of my brain;
So many spaces of notebook remain
Empty, causing a mind-crash and nearly a defeat:
Yet here the words flow finally, as a tenuous victory. 

Linked with MVB: Empty and also partially inspired by MLMM’S Saturday Mix: Opposing Forces. I like to try to use alliteration and assonance, the repetition of consonant and vowel sounds, in my poetry. 😁

Side note: THANK YOU to everyone who left a comment on my poem from about a week ago, “Something Inevitable.” I don’t always respond to comments, but I appreciate each one, and I was BLOWN AWAY by the response to that poem. Thank you. 😊 You inspire me to keep sharing. ✨️

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