A Pleiades poem for DVerse Poetics, partially inspired by FOWC: Vapor and this prompt about goodbyes.

silhouette of tree under starry night sky
Photo by Nico Obsieger on Pexels.com

Left to dissolve to nothing,
Life is a vapor quickly
Leaving almost no traces.
Leaves tumble from autumn trees
Listless, dead in whisp’ring wind,
Lethe takes memories — so
Light from stars must say goodbye.

21 thoughts on “Leaving

  1. Well that’s interesting. I had not read the title of the poem or even glanced at it. My computer screen went right to the poem itself. I read the poem and thought immediately to write a response that said, “This poem tells so well the story of leaving” — and before my fingers hit the keyboard I looked up at the title: Leaving. SO — you see, your poem was exactly to the point of that and so beautifully done!


  2. Love it! Your first line “Left to dissolve to nothing” sets the tone for me. The only thing we can leave behind that is permanent and remains is Love. All other things will wither away to dust. So true.

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