Infected With Infernal Blight

For this and that from MLMM, and for DVerse’s quadrille Monday (not late! just depressing!). I promise I’m not like this all the time in real life. “Possibility” is an optimistic word, and I could have taken it in a positive direction, but that is not what happened. Maybe I will try again later. Anyway, without further ado….

Life used to have luster,
Now it’s no longer bright.
Light bulbs burn out quickly
When I illumine optimism’s light.

Stop this infernal blight.

This seems much more sinister
Than a spiritual “dark night” —
How is coping possible,
When there’s no end in sight?

11 thoughts on “Infected With Infernal Blight

  1. That first stanza is a real punch to the gut. It’s why I always prefer a dimmer switch…literally. To always have some light within the darkness brings the most comfort to me. And yes…..much easier to see the possibilities if there is light shed upon them!


  2. These are difficult days, but there is ALWAYS light. Like the mug in your header photo: love is patient. Sometimes a quiet patience with ourselves is also needed. I am finding that more and more this year. And the broken cracks are often exactly the place the light shines through.

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