I wrote this poem today and am sharing it with DVerse’s open-link night. Special thanks to Abigail Gronway for directions about how to use the form. I had never heard of the Rhyming Wave before, but it’s a fun one. 

Lord Jesus looks with tender love,
With tender, tender, tender love,
You are His fair one and His dove,
You are loved into life.

Today may be with suff’rings rife,
With suff’rings, suff’rings, suff’rings rife,
But He will comfort in the strife,
But He will come anew!

Perhaps you think you’re always blue,
Are always, always, always, blue.
Outside of time, He shares His view,
Outside of fear’s quicksand.

He will hold you in helping hands,
In helping, helping, helping hands,
You need not go to other lands,
You need not run away.

Lord Jesus looks with tender love —
You need not run away.

6 thoughts on “Comfort

  1. I am grateful you introduced me to this form, it is lovely and calming. It does feel like a wave, the repetition does not solidify the message in the mind so much as in the heart, you feel the gently pressing persistent insinuation… which melds so tenderly with your message of praise, hope and devotion. Thank you

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