Sunday Sevenling

For FOWC: Thanks and yesterday’s Saturday Mix about opposing forces, and also shared with  this week’s Writers’ Pantry. This poetry form is called a sevenling .

Thank you for the absence
Of oppressive heat, of sickness
In my vicinity, of being busy.

Thank you too for the presence
Of friendship over long distance,
Of voices, and to balance them — silence.

Gift of timing comes with everything.

adult birthday birthday gift box
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11 thoughts on “Sunday Sevenling

  1. There is magic and energy in gifts that come exactly when we need them. I so love that thought. And yes, when things are roughest and the loss runs deepest, seeing what (and who) we still have brews the best sort of balance.

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  2. The sevenling’s one of my favorite forms, regularly finding its way onto my own blog, and you, here, have NAILED IT. Well done!


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