A Mother’s Love

This is an “occasional verse” for Linda Kruschke’s paint-chip prompt this week. An occasional verse is not only written once in a while ( 🙂 ); it is a poem about a specific occasion. Linda challenges us to write about Mother’s Day, which at this point was several days ago, but I still wrote on the same topic. The paint chips are below:

From the dawn of my heartbeat,
She was comforting and guiding,
More than the full moon at midnight:

For the painstaking pyramid of my life,
She was tirelessly a foundation building,
Believing her daughter’s future is bright.

6 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love

  1. What an interesting challenge. You have to work a couple of the paint names into the poem? “Hot sauce” would be a tricky one for a Mother’s Day poem. I like this line, “She was comforting and guiding, more than the full moon at midnight.”

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    1. Susan – Yes! Each Friday I offer paint chip words and phrases from a card game called Paint Chip Poetry. It’s a lot of fun. Join us any time or feel free to check out older prompts. There’s one every Friday since the first Friday of 2020 (except one week I missed).

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