Just Jotting

The word for JusJoJan day 18 is “cycle.”  I wrote a haiku about the moon yesterday using that word. The word “cycle” makes me think of my emotions and how #%@&ed up I am, but I guess it could also refer to cycling, like on a bike. That reminds me of driving because people try to reassure me that I can learn to drive; they say, “It’s kind of like learning to ride a bike” because once you know, you don’t really forget. In my case, it really is like learning to ride a bike because I never learned to ride a bike either! XD

I didn’t intend to ramble so much. I was going to share a poem. Yesterday I only wrote 2 poems (which is disconcertingly low for me; I usually write 4 or 5, if not more!), but today I have written more than that and intend to keep writing if I don’t just go to sleep really early.

The poem I am going to share is one that took me 3 days to write, even though it’s only 6 lines long. Sometimes I feel like I make God look bad, but trust me: I would be even more messed-up without Him, and He has blessed me with lots of friends (and blog readers! 🙂 ) who like me! 😀

God plumbs the depths and penetrates the heart:
He made them all and cares for every one,
He made the Earth and all that it contains,
The moon to mark the months; for days, the sun.
How He can make a broken life restart,
And give new meaning to each of our pains!

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